One more wedding in beautiful Meštrović Gallery


Once again, we were able to witness a beautiful outdoor wedding in the respectable Meštrović Gallery.

Do you know what significantly determines your wedding? The wedding location. Outdoor weddings are the latest trend in the world of weddings and are becoming increasingly popular, which is not surprising considering the magical atmosphere they provide which turns everything into a living dream.


They provide special, beautiful and romantic stories combining the beauty of nature and an ambience with everything you’ve ever dreamed of. The imagination has no end – an outdoor wedding can be arranged anywhere in natural surroundings, providing beautiful scenography that can be decorated as you wish.



The Meštrović Gallery in Split has always radiated a sense of opulence and greatness. Additionally, during the wedding you can also take a look at the masterpieces of art made from marble by the well-known Croatian artist Ivan Meštrović, who built this magnificent building.


Weddings can be organised under the clear sky. The sun provides the warmth during the day while in the evening and you gaze at the stars.


Perfect, right?

And to make things even more perfect – we serve our delicious meals.




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